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Jan-Patrick Willmes


Sustainability is NOT only Carbon Footprint, Innovation or alike. Isn't it also Workplace Conditions and/ or respecting different moral, civilatory & regulatory environments without jeopardizing developement needs & demands & supply. In Todays world we should thrive for intergrity in our internal & external actions & related essential communication. If Sustainability is just another brand-aspect and NOT a living combined logic of sometimes disruptive innovations & growth pathes of (y)our organizations then it's nor worth mentioning it. What do you think?

Geraint John

I absolutely agree. But even with products such as SUVs we are seeing manufacturers responding to a changing public mood - hence the Lexus hybrid model that launched earlier this year. Although many consumers currently don't think about sustainability when they make their purchases, I believe that during the next decade we are going to see the momentum build significantly.

Sherry Gordon

What you write about is encouraging news. However, what do you do about products that customers want but that inherently detract from sustainability? Large vehicles such as SUVs are an example. Or bottled water. You can come up with innovative green products, but consumers will have to want to buy them. I'm not arguing for wasteful products. But in a consumer-driven market, there has to be increased awareness and a change in consumer thinking and behavior.

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